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Exerting the Efforts to Serve the Cultivation of the Students

On the Successful 7th Breakfast Meeting with College President

On the morning of May 25th of 2017, the 7th Breakfast Meeting with the President themed Communication & Development was held on the second floor of the college dining hall.  Yang Guang, Secretary of the college CPC committee and president, had breakfast with 15 student representatives and solicited opinions and suggestions of the students and carried out in-depth exchange with students on relevant issues. The chief of the college office, academic affairs and student affairs sections took part in it.

In the meeting, the student representatives expressed their opinions and suggestions on campus culture construction, student activities and intercollegiate exchange. In the 2-hour exchange meet, President Yang cordially responded all students’ concerns and advice and determined to adopt many good suggestions from students. He also conveyed his vision and blueprint for the development of the college.

President Yang stressed that the college would exert its efforts to serve the student by creating more comfortable studying, living and education environment to assistant them to become talented people.  He sincerely hoped that the students could attain all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique and aesthetics, emphasizing on liberal education to improve comprehensive quality. Throughout the meeting, president Yang expressed his steadfast confidence for an even brighter future through all staff and students’ efforts.