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Splendid Traditional Civilization of Ancient Shu Soaked in the College Students’ Hearts

On the Serial Activities of Introduction Jinsha Civilization to College

  On May 18th of 2017, 41st World Museum Day, all museums throughout China were open to the public for free. Chengdu Jinsha Museum received an almost unprecedented 60,000 visitors that day.  Yao Kai, senior guide from Chengdu Jinsha Museum, went in full stride to our college after a rather busy day and offered the students a refreshing lecture entitled The Vanished Gilded-masque Empire.

Yao’s lecture led the audience experience a spectacular time-space tunnel travel of ancient Shu’s civilization. It went from Baodun Culture, San Xingdui Ruin Site, Shi Erqiao Culture (Jinsha Civilization) through Shang Yejie Boat-coffin Burial to reveal the advent, boom and sudden disappearance of Shu civilization.

In Yao’s vivid description, the audience could have on-the-site experience of observation of relic excavation, touch the delicacy of the marvelous antiques and appreciation of archaeological allusions. They were totally amaze at the prolonged history of Shu and the splendor of the culture.

The lecture was tailored exclusively for the SPTC college students with rich scientific evidence, concrete data which signifying museum scholars’ respect to history and science. His modern trendy expression and cool humor echoed by audience’ hearty laughter time and again. The starter, Time Raiders, bridged the communication gap and demonstrated a museum scholar’s commitment and availing himself of every opportunity to relic protection

A 90-minute lecture slipped away unconsciously with many students desire to enjoy more and explore further with the lecturer. Mr. Yao sang highly of the college students’ comprehensive quality in attending the lecture, the college’s implementation of the propaganda and organization work and the young volunteer’s contribution to the work. He expected more SPTC student could visit Jinsha Museum and appreciate the life and culture embodied in the relics there.

On World Museum Day, the students were rather lucky and highly spirited to embrace the unspeakable mysterious history by the national first-rank museum guide that they waited patiently long time before the lecture started. Such education practice activities exhibited the college ideological and political teaching team’s good preparation and firm commitment to the implementation of “putting the ideological and political education through the whole teaching process”initiated in the national ideological and political conference. They would help to raise the students’ interest in learning the magnificent traditional culture and in the long run enhance the sense of self-esteem and confidence in national culture of Chinese people.